Overcoming Dental Fear

Dental fear is a major dental issue and should be treated with care and understanding. Lawson dentists Dr. Larry Kanning and Dr. Nelson Kanning are experienced dentists who listen to the needs of their patients and develop a personalized treatment plan to help improve their smile. At Kanning Dental in Lawson, MO, we believe visiting your dentist does not have to be scary and we encourage patients to inform us if they suffer from dental anxiety or dental fear. Finding a trusted dentist that you are comfortable with can help alleviate some of the fear you may be experiencing. Dr. Larry Kanning and Dr. Nelson Kanning have years of experiencing treating patients who suffer from dental fear and giving them exceptional results. If you are looking for a dentist you can trust, schedule an appointment at Kanning Dental in Lawson, MO. You can schedule an appointment online or call (816) 974-4721

Preventive Dental Care in Lawson, MO

When you are suffering from dental fear, it becomes difficult to visit the dentist for regular visits. However, routine preventive care visits help Dr. Kanning and Dr. Kanning check for any signs of dysfunction. Twice yearly preventive care visits help our team find any complex problems in their early stages. Through preventive care, we can accurately diagnose and treat your dental issues in our Lawson dental office. Getting your teeth examined twice a year can prevent complex dental issues from arising in the future.

Ways to Overcome Dental Fear

Family dentists Dr. Kanning and Dr. Kanning are dedicated to providing a space where patients can feel open and relaxed. We do offer both oral sedation and nitrous oxide sedation as part of our sedation dentistry services.Sedation dentistry can help patients feel comfortable and relaxed during their dental procedures. It is important for patients who suffer from dental anxiety and dental fear to be in an office where they feel comfortable. At Kanning Dental, we work with you to make your dental experience enjoyable, informative, and comfortable. Apart from our caring and dedicated dental team, there are other ways to help you relax while in the dental chair.

  • Talk to us! Giving your dental fear a voice can have tremendous effects on the way you feel in the dental office. Let Dr. Larry Kanning and Dr. Nelson Kanning know that you suffer from dental fear. At Kanning Dental, we take our patients well being very seriously and understand that dental fear can be crippling, so we work diligently to create a space where you feel comfortable. We explain your diagnosis and treatment thoroughly so you feel like your part of the process.
  • Listen to music. Music has calming effects on many people, especially when they are trying to take their mind off of something. Try listening to your favorite tunes while in the dental chair, close your eyes and let the music take you away.
  • Try relaxation techniques. You would be surprised to learn that breathing is a powerful tool when it comes to relaxation. Try some deep breathing techniques to help calm your body and keep your mind at ease. You can mix breathing techniques with any of the other tips above to help you relax at the dentist office. At Kanning Dental, we want you to have an exceptional experience at our Lawson dental office.