Mouthguards For A Safer Smile

Mouthguards Lawson MO Mouthguards can be a protective barrier used to shield the teeth during sports. Knowing how to keep the teeth safe during physical contact can help players avoid dental trauma and tooth loss. At Kanning Dental in Lawson, MO, family dentist Dr. Nelson Kanning works closely with patients to improve their oral health and provide treatments that will keep their teeth healthy in the long run. Dr. Kanning usually recommends mouthguards to patients who participate in sports to prevent major injuries to the teeth.

Mouthguards can help protect the soft tissue in the face, including the cheeks, lips, tongue, and mouth. If you are an athlete and want to explore your options to protect your teeth, contact Kanning Dental for the dental care you need.


During your visit, Dr. Kanning will perform a comprehensive exam to determine the overall health of your smile. If you have any indication of a complex dental problem, Dr. Kanning will provide a range of restorative, cosmetic, or general dentistry services to restore the health of your smile. For patients in need of a mouthguard, Dr. Kanning will take impressions of your teeth to create a custom-made mouthguard that fits securely and comfortably in your mouth. It is important for patients to wear their mouthguard during any physical sport to protect their teeth, which includes both practices and games. Usually, patients will need a new mouthguard after each season or every six months because mouthguards can wear down over time making them less effective.

Patients should also make sure to keep that smile healthy underneath their mouthguard. Maintaining a proper oral hygiene routine can help minimize your chance of developing complex dental problems. Try brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing regularly, and using an ADA approved antibacterial rinse to get rid of pesky debris. Also, make sure to schedule biannual preventive care visits to Kanning Dental for an extensive comprehensive exam. Comprehensive exams allow Dr. Kanning to catch any early signs of complex dental problems and provide the dental care you need. Our goal At Kanning Dental is to help patients achieve a healthy smile through patient-focused, comprehensive dental care.