Your Smile Can Save Someone Else’s!

Did you know that getting your own teeth whitened can help drastically improve someone else’s life? When you purchase your next seven-day disposable trays or custom whitening trays, 100% of the cost will go to help survivors of domestic violence receive life-changing smile transformations. You get a brighter, whiter smile while helping your community! Let’s talk about why you might want to consider getting your teeth whitened.

Even if you follow every piece of advice on caring for your teeth, discoloration is a natural part of life. This discoloration — ranging from slightly less white to a dark yellow — can be hastened by smoking, chewing tobacco, coffee, tea, or red wine.

While it is very important to brush twice a day and floss at least once a day, these cannot reverse discoloration or prevent it completely. Over-the-counter whitening strips can be marginally effective, and whitening toothpaste can help, but these solutions are limited.

This is where your Kanning Dental comes to the rescue with professional teeth whitening! These fast and affordable treatments are performed in the office or can be supplied to you to take home. Our whitening treatments, especially formulated to minimize the sensitivity that is a common complaint of other teeth whitening, can produce dramatic results in just one session. We also offer easy and convenient take-home treatments that be done on your schedule in the comfort of your own home!

The team at Kanning Dental performs in-office whitening in about an hour thanks to a combination of advanced technology and a specialized bleaching formula. We can customize the treatment based on your dental needs and goals.

As part of our Give Back A Smile Whitening Challenge, we offer take-home treatments. This process uses a bleaching tray that fits over your teeth. You can use them as treatments on their own or in conjunction with in-office whitening procedures to help your results last longer. Take-home treatments are usually applied daily for several days to several weeks.

To put your best smile forward, talk to Kanning Dental by calling (816) 974-4721 or schedule an appointment online today!