3 Reasons to Restore Your Smile


Are you concerned about the appearance of your teeth? Do you have chipped, broken, overcrowded or crooked teeth?  Do you want to restore your smile with cosmetic dental procedures?  These procedures are not just cosmetic. Depending on your particular problem, some of the issues can actually affect your oral health and your overall health as well.  Dr. Nelson Kanning in Lawson, MO is here to help, with years of experience behind him. He can assess your situation and recommend the best treatment to get your smile back.

Ensure Your Teeth Wear Evenly

Misalignment of the teeth can cause uneven wear over time.  It is a major contributor to tooth decay and pain. Some patients have an uneven bite.  There could be several reasons for this: an injury to the jaw, an overbite or underbite, missing teeth, crooked teeth or possibly an uneven crown or molding fit.

If teeth are not aligned properly, the teeth can wear down much more quickly and lead to very serious dental health issues.  As teeth wear down, the dentin under the tooth enamel is exposed. Once the enamel has eroded, the dentin underneath erodes at a much faster pace than enamel.  The exposed dentin is much more sensitive to pain. Teeth can be worn down to their stumps if this situation is left untreated. In order to correct this, a person may need to have dentures, root canals, crowns, bridges and/or implants.

Reduce Your Risk of Gum Disease

Overcrowding and crooked teeth can be an indication that there are more serious problems below the gumline.  Teeth that have shifted due to overcrowding because there was no room can crack or fracture. This can lead to pain and infection if not treated.

Good oral hygiene is the key to reducing your risk of gum disease.  When teeth are crooked, broken or just chipped, it can be difficult to clean them properly.  Plaque can form at the gum line and in between teeth and eventually erode the tooth enamel. Because of the overcrowding and difficulties in cleaning the teeth properly, there is an increased risk that the gums will pull away from the teeth if the gums become infected and inflamed. These gaps will allow more bacteria at the gum line and cause issues at the root level of the teeth.  Additionally, progressive and prolonged gum disease can lead to more serious issues within the body including heart disease and diabetes.

Improve Your Smile in Lawson, MO

Dr. Kanning is an expert in this field and can offer many different types of treatments based on your situation.  Schedule an appointment in Richmond, MO at (816) 776-7134 or in Lawson, MO at (816) 580-4191 today so you can share your smile with the world with confidence!