3 Smile-Friendly, Dentist-Approved Snacks

3 Smile-Friendly, Dentist-Approved SnacksDuring the COVID-19 crisis, many people have found themselves stuck at home. As your trusted dentist in Lawson, MO, we wanted to provide some helpful suggestions on how to best care for your smile at home. The following are three smile-friendly, dentist-approved snacks that benefit your dental health:


Cheese is a great snack to keep around your home. Cubed cheese, sliced cheese, and string cheese all provide a convenient snack to reach for when you need it the most. The great thing about eating cheese as a snack is that it is full of calcium, which your teeth need to maintain their strength and health. Additionally, cheese is easy to chew. For our patients who suffer from jaw pain or a TMJ disorder, this makes cheese a great alternative to crunchier snacks which put additional strain on your mouth muscles. Instead of a bowl of potato chips that contain harmful starches, try opting for a cheese snack to hold you over until your next meal.

Fruit Smoothies

Fruit smoothies are delicious and great for your dental health. You can put any kind of fruit into your smoothies, but we recommend kiwis and strawberries. Kiwis are packed full of calcium, while strawberries contain high amounts of vitamin C. Vitamin C is absolutely essential to your smile as it helps your mouth fight off harmful infections like gum disease. Additionally, both of these fruits are high in fiber, which makes them great for your health overall. The next time you get a sweet tooth, we recommend blending together a smoothie. You can even include yogurt in your smoothie to make it extra creamy.


Yogurt by itself is one of the best snacks for your teeth, gums, and jawbone. It is full of probiotics that help your mouth fight off cavity-causing bacteria. Additionally, yogurt helps balance the pH in your mouth. If you have any harmful acids on your teeth surfaces from a previous meal, a cup of yogurt will help neutralize those acids so that they don’t cause any more harm to your teeth.  Yogurt is also full of calcium and can help fight bad breath. The best yogurts for your dental health are plain or Greek yogurt because they do not contain extra sugars

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