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We see many patients in our Lawson and Richmond dentist office who suffer from dental anxiety for a variety of reasons. Fear of the dentist is a real concern and can lead to poor oral health which can have an effect on one’s overall health and well-being.

Overcoming Dental Anxiety

Our dentists work with patients to alleviate their anxiety in a variety of ways, including educating them on what to expect with each dental treatment or procedure. Your dental care is provided in a gentle, compassionate manner with your confidence and comfort in mind.

In many situations, learning the aspects of dental treatment or procedure can alleviate a patient’s fear of the unknown and help them to relax while receiving the dental care they need and/or desire.

Sedation Dentistry

We also offer sedation options for patients who prefer to feel completely relaxed during their dental treatment or procedure. Sedation Dentistry is a family dentistry service we provide to Lawson and Richmond, MO. Dental sedation can enable patients to be responsive and in control of their bodily functions during a procedure, but relaxed and comfortable with little or no memory afterward. Our Kanning dentists will meet with you during a consultation prior to your procedure to discuss your medical history and sedation options to determine which option best suits your unique needs and dental health.

For patients needing several dental procedures to restore a healthy smile, sedation dentistry can allow your dentist to perform multiple treatments during one visit. If you have been avoiding the dentist due to fear or anxiety, we welcome you and will work with you to help re-establish lasting oral health and a clean, comfortable smile.

About Oral Sedation

Dr. Kanning options oral sedation for adult patients, administered in the form of a pill or sublingually (under the tongue) prior to your treatment or procedure.

Oral sedation requires no needles or numbing and is often the preferred option for patients with dental anxiety, enabling them to easily relax in the dentist chair and receive the dentistry they need for a healthy smile. Our staff will monitor your comfort level and responsiveness throughout your dental treatment to ensure your safety.

You will need to make arrangements for someone to drive you home after your treatment. The oral sedative will wear off within a couple of hours after your treatment, and most patients can return to their daily routine later the same day or the following day if they received several treatments and were sedated for an extended period of time.

Benefits of Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is administered via a mask placed directly over the nose. As patients breathe in the odorless gas, they will feel completely relaxed and experience no discomfort during the procedure. One of the benefits of this type of sedation is the rapid effect it has, often within less than a minute. Patients typically experience a euphoric sensation that can make them giggle, hence the nickname of “laughing gas”.

As with oral sedation, nitrous oxide enables patients to be responsive and in control of their bodily functions, but with little or no memory afterward. Another benefit of nitrous oxide is that it wears off immediately- as soon as the mask is removed. This means that patients can drive themselves home or back to work after their treatment.


Sedation Dentistry FAQ

Will sedation dentistry also relieve pain?

No, sedation dentistry will only put the patient is a relaxed state. Your dentist will use anesthesia in addition to the sedation to control pain during the procedure.

How long will the sedation last?

Oral sedation can last up to six hours which is why you will need a ride to and from your appointment. Nitrous oxide, however, will wear off as soon as it is removed. Patients utilizing this type of sedation can drive themselves to and from dentist appointments.

Will I remember what happened during my appointment?

No. And that is the best part about sedation! Once the sedation has worn off, most people say they remember absolutely nothing from the appointment. For this reason alone, dental sedation is considered extremely successful and necessary. People who suffer from dental anxiety or fear of the dentist can receive the care they need without the trauma.

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