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Restorative Dentistry Lawson, MO

Restorative dentistry has become the cornerstone of maintaining the natural smile for as long as possible- a key ingredient to a high quality of life each day. Your healthy and functional smile plays a role in overall health and well being and affects both diet and speech.

Dr. Kanning offers restorative dental procedures in his Lawson dentist office as part of the range of services necessary to address dental problems from worn teeth to missing teeth.

Restorative Dentistry: What to Expect

Choosing the right restorative treatment to solve your dental problem often begins with a thorough exam and diagnostic tools such as digital x-rays to look for underlying dental problems that may ultimately compromise your results. There are a wide range of treatments and procedures available in our Lawson dental office to address your unique dental problems(s):

  • Dental crowns: widely used in restoring a damaged, worn or decayed tooth to strengthen the tooth and prevent future problems
  • Dental bridges: for patients needing to replace several missing teeth, a dental bridge can bring back a functional smile
  • Dental implants: the “gold standard” for tooth replacement, dental implants can be used for one or several lost teeth as well as to permanently secure a denture
  • Periodontal therapy: restoring the health of the gums is important too- they support strong, healthy teeth.

Whatever your concern, Dr. Kanning will take the time to understand your dental health and your personal goals in an effort to ensure your treatment will last for years to come and meet your expectations.

Schedule a Consultation At Kanning Dental

If you have been suffering with poor dental health for any reason, schedule a consultation with Dr. Kanning. At Kanning Dental, we take the time to get to know our patients as individuals so we can provide the dental care you need and d desire in order to enjoy a healthy smile. Kanning Dental accepts new patients from Richmond, Lawson, Lathrop, Kearney, Polo and surrounding Missouri communities.


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