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Root Canals Lawson, MO

Whenever possible, saving the natural tooth is the goal of Dr. Kanning when helping a patient address a severely damaged or infected tooth. Root canal therapy is a “life-saving” treatment for these dental problems and can enable a patient to keep their natural tooth.

Although many patients cringe when root canal treatment is recommended, modern techniques have made this procedure much more comfortable and efficient. Dr. Kanning performs most root canals with a local anesthetic and in most cases, it is no more painful than a dental filling. Patients typically experience immediate relief from the pain caused by the infection within the tooth.

Dr. Kanning may recommend placing a dental crown once the root canal is complete. This will strengthen the tooth and prevent future decay.

The alternative to a root canal is often a tooth extraction- which is permanent. Saving the natural tooth is desired because it prevents the development of additional dental problems after a tooth is lost or extracted: loss of bone in the jaw, shifting of teeth, and the detrimental effects on eating and speaking if not replaced quickly. Tooth replacement is also a more complicated and costly process.

If you are experiencing tooth pain, increased sensitivity or have noticed a tooth that has been discolored, mention this during your next visit to Kanning Dental or schedule a consultation with Dr. Kanning to see if root canal therapy is the solution to your dental concern.

The root canal procedure is a routine treatment that can typically be performed in just one visit to our Lawson, MO dentist office. Root canals remove the diseased tooth pulp without compromising the natural bite.

Your Kanning dentist will most likely recommend caping your root canal tooth with a dental crown. The dental crown will be custom designed to blend seamlessly with your adjacent teeth for a beautiful and natural result. The crown helps to support the tooth and seal out future decay or damage.


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