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Six Month Smiles Lawson, MO

Orthodontic treatment can be the solution to a wide range of both dental health and cosmetic concerns, giving patients a straighter, healthier smile. Crooked teeth and bite misalignment are typically resolved with orthodontic treatment which is designed for each patient’s unique dental health needs.

However, many adult patients often choose to forego orthodontic treatment due to the embarrassment and hassle associated with traditional metal braces. Dr. Kanning offers Six Month SmilesĀ® clear braces as an option for patients with a need for mild to moderate orthodontic treatment. Six Month Smiles provides results in less than a year using clear brackets and tooth colored wires that straighten teeth “invisibly”.

Six Month Smiles: How It Works

With Six Month Smiles, treatment is predictable, easy and convenient for patients. Quick periodic visits with Dr. Kanning in Lawson will be scheduled during your treatment to check progress and make any necessary adjustments to the wires and brackets.

Why Treat Crooked Teeth?

Most of us would consider crooked teeth to be solely a cosmetic concern and therefore not something that can affect our oral health. So why does Dr. Kanning recommend addressing crooked teeth for more than just a pretty smile?

Crooked teeth can be the underlying cause of several dental health concerns that may be more problematic as we age. It is difficult to effectively clean and floss teeth that are crowded, crooked or otherwise misaligned. This increases the risk of tooth decay and gum disease- cavities can occur between the teeth as well as in them. Misaligned teeth can also contribute to bite problems and TMJ disorders.

Straightening your natural smile can support lasting dental health as well as boost your confidence in your appearance.


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