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There is no one-size-fits-all solution for anything in dentistry, especially missing teeth. More treatment options mean better choices for patients to find the solution that fits their health needs, aesthetic goals, and budget. Our doctors work directly with each patient to assess their dental health and address their unique concerns when recommending the most suitable option.

Why Replace Missing Teeth?

Missing teeth is more than an aesthetic issue; it can actually lead to secondary oral health complications. Replacing missing teeth as quickly as possible can prevent more complex dental problems such as bone loss, shifting teeth, and gum disease.

replace missing teeth in Lawson Missouri

Tooth Replacement Options

The primary options for replacing missing teeth are:

  • Dental Bridges – A dental bridge is an affordable treatment option for replacing missing teeth. The bridge can be either removable, sometimes called a flipper tooth, or fixed. A fixed bridge is anchored either with dental crowns or dental implants. A dental implant secured bridge is the most durable and staple option when compared to a traditional bridge.
  • Dental Implants – A dental implant is a more permanent solution for missing teeth. The implant replaces the root of the tooth, becoming fully integrated with the bone. While dental implants require a more significant investment initially, they have increased longevity compared to a dental bridge and require less care and maintenance. (It is important to note that not all patients will qualify for dental implants. The location of the missing tooth, as well as the overall health of the patient and bone structure, will be evaluated before the dentist recommends treatment.)
  • Dentures – A denture is used when a person is missing all of their upper or lower teeth (or both). Advances in materials make today’s cosmetic dentures more natural-looking and comfortable than previous restorations.
  • All on Four Dental Implants – All on Four is an innovative dental implant solution for patients with missing teeth. Using as few as four dental implants, we can attach an overdenture for a stable, long-lasting restoration. The improvement in the fit, look and stability help improve the quality of life and long-term dental health for edentulous patients.

Tooth Extractions

Tooth extractions are sometimes a necessary procedure to help patients restore their oral health. Our dentists may recommend pulling the tooth due to severe tooth decay or damage. They will only recommend a tooth extraction when necessary absolutely necessary. As experienced implants dentists, they can painlessly remove the teeth and immediately surgically place a dental implant during one surgical procedure.

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Thanks to the many strides made in both materials and technique, today’s dental patients can enjoy a new smile that functions and looks like their natural teeth. if you have damaged or missing teeth, schedule a consultation with our doctors to learn more about your replacement options.

Replacing your missing teeth can prevent complex dental problems in the future and is a part of a healthy life. Kanning Dental accepts new patients from Richmond, Lawson, Lathrop, Kearney, Polo, and surrounding Missouri communities.

Missing Teeth FAQs

Should I get dentures or dental implants?

The dentists at Kanning Dental will recommend denture implants to patients missing most or all of their teeth. Denture implants are far better for your oral health and quality of life. They have fewer eating restrictions, will not slip around in your mouth, will preserve the jaw bone, and will not cause slurring speech. However, not everyone will qualify for implants. You must be in good health and have enough jaw bone to support the dental implants

What are the consequences of not replacing missing teeth?

If a missing tooth was caused by gum disease or tooth decay, those dental problems will continue to spread and you risk further tooth loss. The gap created by the missing teeth will cause the remaining teeth to move out of position and shift towards the gap. This could lead to problems with your bite and TMJ pain. Choosing to not replace your missing teeth is also not good for your self-esteem. Many people with gaps in their smile are too embarrassed to smile or speak.

Does missing teeth affect my overall health?

Yes, there are a few ways missing teeth can impact your overall health. People with fewer teeth may not be able to chew efficiently and therefore may need to eliminate certain foods from their diet. Missing teeth have also been linked to heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and other types of disease.