Family Dentistry Lawson, MO

Family Dentistry in Richmond and Lawson MissouriKanning Dental has been serving the residents and families of Lawson, MO, and many surrounding communities for over 40 years! We welcome you to visit our Lawson or Richmond dentist offices to experience what we call the “Kanning Dental Difference”.

We have built a reputation for consistent, high-quality dental care that is tailored to the individual needs of each patient. We see patients of ALL ages, encouraging parents and caregivers to begin bringing their children for an initial visit once the primary teeth have begun to erupt or by their first birthday.

Family Dentistry at Kanning Dental

Early visits to our Lawson or Richmond dentist office can ease the anxiety many young patients can experience when coming to the dentist and receiving an oral examination. The doctors of Kanning Dental make every effort to ensure your child’s comfort during their treatment and take the time to educate them on what we are doing to help them keep a clean smile as well as good brushing and flossing techniques for at-home hygiene.

One of the benefits of family dentistry is providing the opportunity for pediatric patients to be treated alongside their parent, caregiver or sibling. This also helps to reduce stress and anxiety, laying a foundation for lifelong oral health through observed routine dental care.

Children’s Dentistry

As a family dentist office, our dental staff is fully prepared to offer treatment to our young patients. We promise to make every effort to ensure their comfort and safety. Because we understand the importance of lifelong oral hygiene, we are committed to educating young patients on how to care for their teeth and gums. We want to help them develop confidence in their oral hygiene habits and to feel comfortable when they visit with us.

As your child grows, we will monitor the development of your child’s teeth, gums, and bite. In doing this, we will be able to recommend appropriate care to help aid in their development. We also offer sealants to help prevent tooth decay, a common childhood disease, and also mouthguards to protect your child’s teeth while participating in sports.

General Dentistry Services

Kanning Dental also offers cosmetic and restorative dental treatments to address dental problems or cosmetic concerns that often arise for both young and old patients. We are dedicated to your oral health as well as your overall well-being and consider each patient to be a part of the extended Kanning dental family.

Looking For a Family Dentist?

Kanning Dental is accepting new patients and would be happy to welcome you and your family to the most convenient dentist office location, either Lawson or Richmond, MO. If you suffer from dental anxiety, our dentists will take the time necessary to understand your unique concerns and ensure your comfort and confidence while we help you restore a healthy smile. We provide family dentistry and more dental services in Lawson and Richmond, MO.

Contact our Lawson or Richmond, MO office or to schedule your appointment online. Kanning Dental accepts new patients from Richmond, Lawson, Lathrop, Kearney, Polo, and surrounding Missouri communities.