Wellness Plan

Kanning Dental in Richmond, MO, and Lawson, MO, is now offering to our patients, their family members, friends, and co-workers the Kanning Dental Wellness Plan. We understand the frustration our patients experience when trying to budget dental care with frequent and costly insurance changes. Many dental plan premiums are continuing to go up, while at the same time, dental plan benefits are going down. If you presently do not have dental benefits or are unhappy with the dental coverage you currently have, our Dental Wellness Plan is the answer.

About the Kanning Dental Wellness Plan:

  • Provides excellent dental coverage for both routine office visits and major dental service.
  • Eliminates the costly ‘middle man’ also known as the insurance company, therefore, no hassling with pre-determination forms, approvals, claim forms, or waiting periods.
  • Is very affordable and fits comfortably inside your monthly budget.
  • It provides the personal attention that you deserve and need.

The Kanning Dental Wellness Plan enables you to receive the dental treatment you need without having to wait for special approval. This alone keeps the cost down and passes the savings on to you. Most importantly, all dental decisions are between you and your dentist. You are in complete control of your own dental health and how it is managed.

Click here for a copy of our brochure and here for a membership application. For specific questions about our new plan, contact us at either our Lawson or Richmond office and we will be happy to assist you.

We also accept a wide range of payment options, participate with many dental plans and will file your dental insurance claim at the time of your visit.